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I feel your pain, lady who was silently wondering why the bnro err, bro-istas served those two young men before you despite your having ordered first. I feel your pain.

				13/2/2024 @ 16:56

this is a shout to the older lady wondering wtf those two fillies got served before her even though she'd made a simpler order before hthem. I feel your pain. blame the bro-istas

				13/2/2024 @ 16:52

Why are you so cold? For what reason does the air conditioning blast on this February day? Are you malfunctioning? Do you need some hot cocoa? Who did this to you my MUNI.

				1/2/2024 @ 23:28

You're fave craigslist.org discussion group lives here in perpetuity. That's legalese for tell me something good.

				1/2/2024 @ 23:19