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Niner gang 💯 Respect the hu$tle.

Recent lits from Litty-Mctitties

Greetings. Herein lies 'Litty,' taking respite from the relentless grind. Uncertain of the next step. Times may prove arduous, but with health intact, the difficulty diminishes, perhaps. My certainty wanes.

				23/5/2024 @ 23:35
				First Iteration

Waaxuzp, Litty waiting for the 49. long day at work and realized I havent written in a while. Your homeboy is tryina get bsck to it. I used to love poetry and shit back in hs but life happens. How it goes but also bos that im older i have some poetry and thiugrs to share myself. I hope this bus comes, im falling asleep here. long day tkkorroe too. peace!

				7/5/2024 @ 5:45

Greetings, my comrades. A companion of mine currently finds himself in the heart of El Salvador, a journey I was unable to accompany due to my ceaseless endeavors. They've taken up residence in quaint Airbnbs, immersing themselves in the lush landscapes and the remnants of ancient civilizations. Moreover, the allure of the local women is undeniable; a unique charm that I must experience firsthand in the future. The women of our homeland seem to lack this particular enchantment. Their rhythm, their dance of life, is simply not the same, do you comprehend? But worry not, my friends, we remain unbroken. Our bond, it's as resilient as ever, do you understand? Life, as they say, continues in its own peculiar way. Until we meet again.

				12/4/2024 @ 21:17
				Second Iteration

Sup my homies what it do, waiting for bart, just got back from oakland. Might set up , make the hudtle this weekend on the streets catch me on mission nd 24th if it aint gonn be rain. support ya fam local business OG san franciscian aight about to gop onc the 49 here we go peace.

				29/3/2024 @ 4:43

Hey y'all, it's Litty. Happy friday, evveryone! Took up the bus in the am and hit the TL and then cruised around dt for a bit. Saw the hoe oops I mean homeboys lol and catched up at Pinecrest here I got me the combo with both egg and bacon and some onion rings. Those were fire. Then hit up union square. CRazy macy's is closing but not relly. It's not the only one that's closing. Times have sure changed in thie city. Peaece

				23/3/2024 @ 0:29

Hey yall it's Litty. Good korning morning lol. Happy Griday, it's a beautoful sunny day. Election day passed and well, there are aome things I dont like because it just tough out there and theres anlready enoug discriminated, ya feel me. Gonn hit the TL in a bit, and hit Oakland tomorrow tjanks t o good ol Bart. Gonna see the homeboys for the bbq, peace.

				8/3/2024 @ 16:25

Hey yall how is everyone doing. It's LittyMcTitties out here and well, just felt like writing on a Monday taking abreak from the hustle. 49ers lost and they could've won so what well it don't matter. We were dominating the game, we almost had t it! Now its KC all over again. Man, I dont even know if Ill watch it next year

				13/2/2024 @ 1:01

Hey y'all it's LittyMcTitties out in this umm shenanigans. I don't want to get blurred you feel me. Happy Friday!!! Such a great weekend coming up ahead, got ta watch the superbowl with my homies this sunday and get the carne asada, bbq, get down you know it, that's wassup! Gt gotta do laundry to sport my jersey, ya homeboy gotta look fresh. I really hope we win, it's time to take back what's ours!!! Kansas, y'all already won too much hahaha about to his hit the streets peace man

				9/2/2024 @ 22:26

Hey yall happg w happy wednesday up in this ho. It's raining again, I h am over it. Missing the dry weather. Anyway, read that someone burglaraized fillmore sfpd that had my dying hahahaha. Only in sf. Getting kinda tired of it but I still love this city, just bot the dumb politicians who are corrupt af and are in it for the coin, not to for the people. Im out!!

				7/2/2024 @ 17:29

Y'all, Happy Monday. I'm tired of this city sometikes and this dumb bitch london GREED. Her job is. to sabotage bitch better off somewhere else u feel me, so much crime ij the streets, it wsnt like back in ghe day. Just hc bc she aint white dont mean shit. get someone to do the job bruh. Anyway, I hope this ho aint elected or sometone sinila or else the streets will be at wat and there will be toigg times ya hear. Rant ova

				29/1/2024 @ 17:14