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School's final bell is nearly rung, just one sunrise away, separating reality from exhale. Drained, having been yanked from the warmth of coveted slumber, early yet unbearable, where day's first triumph saw a birth of sustenance and a run under a waking sky. Tonight, casual company with a beloved familiar face looms—the quaint repertoire of Balboa, perhaps? For later, the promise of a freshly minted tome—an undulating narrative revolving around friendship embroiled bitterly with maternal influence skirt. Conceivably predictable, nonetheless, intriguing to delve into the expected yet uncharted paths of drama.

				13/5/2024 @ 0:03
				First Iteration

RBC make up 40% and they look like donuts. Sounds good. O2 Attacheds to hemoblogbin and transports to the body. They like crabs err carbon dyioxude. they like carbs but no in that sense lol. Now what? How many americans have anemia? What do you thik? And Why?

				24/4/2024 @ 3:36

Uc currenrly waiting at the apple atore. I got a new pgone! Just waiting on it to backup ad all. It is after hours but thr employees are patient and nice. They have to cleanup, they said, so not to worry. Theyre playing some house soundinsg mysic and I dig it. I need my laptop fized as I al a student an at university and I neex it! I got a paper to doa and then a prsentario n so wr shall see. Going to get coffee agter .

				14/2/2024 @ 3:36

My mn man's for a heart like a rock cast in the seaaaaa. Nee nah, so far liking this one. I also like the original sample from McLaren,. I just finished the lecture, ab I think all there is to do is get ready. Bummed it's going to rain all week but even all that rain isn't enough. Will see the deal with the food right now, then got class and class hehehe hopefully it goes smooth. Outt

				31/1/2024 @ 17:26

We were walking along the rainy pavement. It was already fark dark but there was a humming in the air. I tried to figure out where it was coming. It didnt si ound like construction. T it sounded a but hauntingly and alas i remembered that it was the sound of wind agaibst the golden gate brudge. It sings when it is cold and windy. It sounds almost ethereal yet creepy. Thats sf for tou!

				3/1/2024 @ 21:25

Today's been a good day so gar. far. so when she arrived go the states, one of the cirst things she did was pack her bags to go back to her bome coyuntry because she didnt lkke it here nand mossed missed the food. i literallg err i mean s

				5/11/2023 @ 20:50