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Hi, so guess what? Finally saw The Idea of You )i think that's what it is called) I am not one for this type of film but felr like seeing something different and becayse ummm it's Anne Hathaway. I am a fan. Damn she looks good lol I hope I look that good too lol. It was what you might have ezpected. I womt spoil it but think One Direction Harry Styles Fam FAN fiction except it aint with Zayn but with a fan! a dream, right. Coincidentally walking into his teailer, teenage hearthrob, you get it. 24 but they changed it to 25 26 and Anne is 40? It brings out the double standards which is intereating but sometimes I had to look away froma creen lol too much lol

				20/5/2024 @ 20:20