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I've been stealing moments of solitude, the quiet breathing space coaxing forth a newfound assurance. It's a fragile thing, this confidence, a glass bauble bobbing on the tumultuous sea of anticipation. The root of my unease has always been the same - people. Yet, I've danced this dance before, the rhythm of anxiety and exhilaration is not unfamiliar. My faithful companion, my dog, lies beside me, a comforting presence in the face of the impending event. The countdown to showtime is a ticking metronome in the back of my mind, a constant reminder of the spotlight that awaits. Outside, the world bathes in the glow of a beautiful day, yet I'm confined within these four walls. The question of dinner is a distraction, the answer a mystery that will unfold in due course. A restless energy buzzes under my skin, a sensation that will fade as the day progresses. I'm a pinball bouncing from one thought to another, a chaotic symphony of emotions. Nature beckons me, a call I answer with the jingle of a harness and leash. Not for me, of course. I've never been one for such constraints. It's a necessity for my dog, a promise of an adventure beyond the confines of our home.

				30/5/2024 @ 1:06
				Second Iteration

Hi, so guess what? Finally saw The Idea of You )i think that's what it is called) I am not one for this type of film but felr like seeing something different and becayse ummm it's Anne Hathaway. I am a fan. Damn she looks good lol I hope I look that good too lol. It was what you might have ezpected. I womt spoil it but think One Direction Harry Styles Fam FAN fiction except it aint with Zayn but with a fan! a dream, right. Coincidentally walking into his teailer, teenage hearthrob, you get it. 24 but they changed it to 25 26 and Anne is 40? It brings out the double standards which is intereating but sometimes I had to look away froma creen lol too much lol

				20/5/2024 @ 20:20

water boil boil water. open noodle, pour noodle, boil and wait for a few. Noodle ready, noodle hot, strain and make the pain go away so it doesn't burn, cool, add seasoning and it's all cool. Maybe add egg one or two? Taste better too.

				30/4/2024 @ 17:24

My belly aches, a discomfort that lingers. It's an unfortunate reality, yet it persists. I attended a Boy Harsher concert last Thursday, an experience that fulfilled my expectations. I was delighted to witness their performance once again. Their fusion of morphine and modulations was a symphony to my ears. Just recently, I indulged in a cookie. Not your average Snickerdoodle, but a Macadamia nut cookie. It was the finest cookie I've ever tasted, a Macadamia masterpiece. Its crispness, the freshness, the hint of brown sugar - it was a culinary perfection. This cookie could inspire poetry, a sonnet to its sweet, nutty essence. As a fellow cookie enthusiast, it was a treat that resonated with my palate. In conclusion, peace and Nissan Al Gaib.

				23/4/2024 @ 22:51
				First Iteration

I must confess, I hadn't penned thoughts regarding the cinematic masterpiece 'Dune', until now. Having recently had the pleasure of viewing it, I found it to be splendid, aligning nicely with my expectancy. However, a certain sadness underlies my admission of its brilliance. Painted with dissatisfaction merely towards its conclusion, a longing for its successor swiftly became the sentiment du jour. The helmsman of the movie, Denis Villeneuve, undoubtedly manifests a master's touch to every visually compelling scene, constructing a narrative adindr tale of gargantuan grandiose. Striving to keep this epistle void of any ruinous spoilers, I anchor on the elusive. Each frame unfurls as a meticulously conceived work of art, epidomising the essence of what filmmaking embraces, according to my contemplations. My expertise might not revolve around the world of cinematics; nonetheless, I can recognise and deeply appreciate artistic efforts of such magnificent measure. Scenes washed in monochrome tapestry resonated with the air of an epoch perpetually suspended in timeless space. The peculiar spectacle of splattered fireworks took one on an uncanny trip, infusing a fine surrealism into our mortal reality—a potent reminder of Villeneuve's applause-worthy interpretation of the surreal that can aptly be termed, peculiarly beautiful.

				19/4/2024 @ 18:19
				First Iteration

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				13/4/2024 @ 16:19
				First Iteration

There is an eclipse happening right now at this very moment. Now where to find the glasses? I cant look directly at it or eslse ill go blind. Luckily the public library was hanfing them out cor free ands. Well they ran out so only those who were there early were aboe to get them. We got lucky. I went again and they had sold out. A fee individuals walked out silken but thats ok, hopefully another library. ty s

				8/4/2024 @ 17:57

Church was alright, I just went to see my bff sing. They had donuts after but we were going to make our way to brunch so we had to hold off on 'em. We ask a fellow for food recommendations in the area and they mentioned a place in berkeley. We leave and go. It's a 20 minute drive, with traffic after most likely so this palce better be worth it! Well guess what, t wasn't!!! Lipstick stains on our water and the food was atrocious. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enermy. Really should've stuked to the place we wer originally going to go last weeks

				1/4/2024 @ 21:39

The names are being calle. I put my pgone aside to pay attention. Looks like the prof jnows it alrady and doesnt even look up. It's so earm here but luckily i jave a hoodie on yhat i can take off. Busy week, busy weekend, hopefully it'll be a breeze, it has been oh well what can one say. One can say a lot without saying anything and that is what i am doing for this lab is about to start. Going down the alphabet of names, we wre on J right now.

				27/3/2024 @ 20:18

The serendipitous discovery of "Xleepy-Machine Girl" on Spotify was a pleasant surprise. I had just finished a hearty bowl of pozole, the hominy-based stew. The last spoonful held a surprising kick of spice, but it was nothing beyond my palate's capabilities. Now, I'm preparing to venture out, perhaps indulging in a sauna session that I've been missing, accompanied by my closest friend. The weekend's plans have taken an unexpected turn, leaving us in suspense about our next move. As the saying goes, we'll see what the future holds.

				20/3/2024 @ 17:07
				First Iteration