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I've been stealing moments of solitude, the quiet breathing space coaxing forth a newfound assurance. It's a fragile thing, this confidence, a glass bauble bobbing on the tumultuous sea of anticipation. The root of my unease has always been the same - people. Yet, I've danced this dance before, the rhythm of anxiety and exhilaration is not unfamiliar. My faithful companion, my dog, lies beside me, a comforting presence in the face of the impending event. The countdown to showtime is a ticking metronome in the back of my mind, a constant reminder of the spotlight that awaits. Outside, the world bathes in the glow of a beautiful day, yet I'm confined within these four walls. The question of dinner is a distraction, the answer a mystery that will unfold in due course. A restless energy buzzes under my skin, a sensation that will fade as the day progresses. I'm a pinball bouncing from one thought to another, a chaotic symphony of emotions. Nature beckons me, a call I answer with the jingle of a harness and leash. Not for me, of course. I've never been one for such constraints. It's a necessity for my dog, a promise of an adventure beyond the confines of our home.

				30/5/2024 @ 1:06
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