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"Whoosh, whoosh," echoes the sound of my tail wagging, and you can already picture where I am, can't you? Nestled snugly on the couch, my favorite place in the universe. My human dad just tucked me in, wrapping me in a blanket as cozy as a puppy's sigh. I'm conserving my energy, storing up my strength for the exciting escapades that await me later - a symphony of barks directed at unsuspecting passersby. Ah, the other day, a mischievous twinkle in my eye led me to a bite of dad's brand new shoes. A satisfying crunch echoed through the room, a sound matched only by the shocked gasp of my human dad. He wasn't too thrilled, but it's not as if the shoes are completely ruined. They just have a bit more...character, now. He's fondly bestowed upon me a new nickname - "Shoe Chewer." I'm not sure if it's an honor or a jest, but I wear it proudly nonetheless. Then there was the bath. Oh, how I detest the bath. But mom insists, and who am I to argue with mom? She scrubs and rinses, and while I may not enjoy the process, I can't deny the results. My fur emerges softer, shinier, as if I've been brushed by the stars themselves. And the sleep that follows a bath? Pure, undisturbed bliss. I dream of fields to run in, shoes to chew, and an endless supply of belly rubs. Zzzzzzz...

				24/5/2024 @ 17:13
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