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Tona aka Ms. Crumbs

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Recent lits from Tonantzin

"Whoosh, whoosh," echoes the sound of my tail wagging, and you can already picture where I am, can't you? Nestled snugly on the couch, my favorite place in the universe. My human dad just tucked me in, wrapping me in a blanket as cozy as a puppy's sigh. I'm conserving my energy, storing up my strength for the exciting escapades that await me later - a symphony of barks directed at unsuspecting passersby. Ah, the other day, a mischievous twinkle in my eye led me to a bite of dad's brand new shoes. A satisfying crunch echoed through the room, a sound matched only by the shocked gasp of my human dad. He wasn't too thrilled, but it's not as if the shoes are completely ruined. They just have a bit more...character, now. He's fondly bestowed upon me a new nickname - "Shoe Chewer." I'm not sure if it's an honor or a jest, but I wear it proudly nonetheless. Then there was the bath. Oh, how I detest the bath. But mom insists, and who am I to argue with mom? She scrubs and rinses, and while I may not enjoy the process, I can't deny the results. My fur emerges softer, shinier, as if I've been brushed by the stars themselves. And the sleep that follows a bath? Pure, undisturbed bliss. I dream of fields to run in, shoes to chew, and an endless supply of belly rubs. Zzzzzzz...

				24/5/2024 @ 17:13
				Second Iteration

With a soft woof, I find myself lounging on the couch, a predictable sight to behold. Yet, an unexpected turn of events is about to unfold - my human, my dad, is poised to claim my cherished spot! Exhaustion weighs heavy on my paws; I've spent the day barking at the canine neighbor and my dear mom has taken me on a walk where I've had the chance to voice my opinions to more of my kind. It's been a long, yet fulfilling day, and now I'm expected to yield my comfort? Surely, sharing the couch is a possibility, but my doggy instincts and undeniable charm make me partial to having it all to myself. Nevertheless, I understand. Dad is weary too. But oh, the injustice! It's my couch!

				9/5/2024 @ 5:05
				Second Iteration

Woof woof, Tona reporting from the couch, my headquarters. It's so nice out today. Mom took me out in the morning. She sometimes doesn't want to get up, but I make sure she does because I've got to go!!! I know she's tired from work and all that, so I get it. I don't have to wear a jacket. Even with fur, I STILL get cold! Dad is taking care of me today while mom is working. I love my dad. He took me around the hills, and I saw someone I didn't really like, so I barked at them and dad didn't approve, but if he only knew what this guy smelled like! I barked because I had to; the guy I barked at isn't a dog person, so it was my duty to bark at him. I'm about to take another nap now that dad is leaving for his walk and for work. I can have the couch to myself now. Woof.

				11/4/2024 @ 22:02
				First Iteration

A symphony of barks echoed through the house yesterday, a day of significance for my father who had an important shoot. My mother, too, was embroiled in the thick of it, her attention consumed by the event. I found myself nestled on our familiar couch, engrossed in my own world, when my mother's hands scooped me up and the door creaked open. One stranger entered, followed by another. For a fleeting moment, I envisioned them occupying my couch for an extended period, but they remained mostly upright, aiding my father in his endeavor. Yet, to my dismay, my parents relegated me to another room, a necessary sacrifice for the concentration required for my father's film class. A sense of disbelief washed over me. I was barred from my own couch! True, my mother would peek in on me intermittently, but my heart yearned for the comfort of my couch. It was Sunday, after all! However, the ordeal was short-lived. Soon, the men had departed, and tranquility returned to our home. It was just my father, my mother, and me, nestled once again on our beloved couch.

				26/3/2024 @ 2:18
				Second Iteration

Woof woof, so guess what? Mom and dad took me to the beach yesterday! I have never been to one. My paws had sand, and it was sunny but with a breeze, and there were a lot of dogs. I was a bit overwhelmed at first, and the water was scary for a moment, but I felt fine after a while. I like the beach! I like sand. It's so soft. The water is too cold for me to swim in, but I saw other doggos do the same. I had a good day and barked at other dogs too. We would've stayed longer, but it was cold. I have fur, but I was still a bit cold! Anyway, it was fun, and I took a long nap after, while mom and dad went to Target.

				18/3/2024 @ 19:47
				First Iteration

woof woof, I had a pretty good weekend. Mom and dad gave me a bath! We went to the pet store other than the one we usually go to. There was a big retreiver and I was scared to go in so I rf refused but mom carried me in. She bought me a special shampoo with essential oils, smeled minty. She said it was for stress reflief! I am not quite sure about that, I m not stressed!!! I just like to bark. She also got me my snack and a shoe toy!!! TH I absolutely lv love it. I do like real shoes to chew, hoever, so it's not the same but it does the trick. I was show given a bath in the sink and now my coat is clean and shint shiny. I don't like baths but I like being or I like having a shiny coat. Make all g the other doggos jealous. I a going to nap now zzzzz

				26/2/2024 @ 21:05

woof woof, I have been into chewing things lately. I'm really into chewing shoes1! I just love to do so but mom an d dad didn't really approve andg got upset at me. I mean, I don't quite get what the big deal is. They should try it so that they can see how awesome it is. I mean, I have my chew toy but it'sn not the same as a shoe! According to mom, I ruined her mocassins. I mean, yeah I guess I kinda did LOL but I didn't really know it was frowned upon. Oh well! Mom taught me to not t do it so I will try. She said she was going to get me new toys for biting too :)

				2/2/2024 @ 20:56

woof woof, I just got back from a walk with my mom. I did something bad o today. Well, I personally didn't see what the big deal was but mom and well mostly mom was upset wt with me. She told me to use the pee pad and not the floor/tint tiny bit of carpet. I just don't know. Anyway, this is who I am. It's not a phase, mom. I just felt like it!!! Doggo impulses and I also thought it was funny lol. I am now snuggled back again on couch before I move to bed. Went on sve a few walks today. Went to bookstore and there was a dog park around and wow so many doggos. I was a lil nervous but it was an experience. They say there are more dogs than children. I know this is a fact. Anyway, Tona out. Zzzz woof.

				27/1/2024 @ 6:48

woof woof. Mom has well she always takes me on morning walks because I need to do my business. It has been raining and I am not fond of rain even though I have a yellow raincoat. My paws get all wet :( Mom is going to get my me shhoes. So we are at park and this big doggo approaches. That's the bige biggest dog I have ever seen! I was impressed. Anyway, we walked around andt then went back home. I am sleepy right now and you can guess where I am currently. at. Yes, I am on my favorite couch in the whole wide world snuggled with my blanket. Well it is mine now. Going to snooze and then act cute and annoy my mom !!!

				21/1/2024 @ 16:53

woof woof, I spent time with grandpa. I thought maybe mom left me but I know she wouldn't do that. She adors adores me! I m am too cute and everyone knows it because they say it. Anyway, mom picked me up today and I was so happy to see her! We walked and took a nap. I love couch and napping. Two of my favourite things in the world. Now I will nap again and go fo r a walk soon. Mom needs to get me a raincoat becuase it will rain soon and I don't want to be a soggy doggy! I hope I can make friends today at par

				7/1/2024 @ 21:03