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Woof woof, Tona reporting from the couch, my headquarters. It's so nice out today. Mom took me out in the morning. She sometimes doesn't want to get up, but I make sure she does because I've got to go!!! I know she's tired from work and all that, so I get it. I don't have to wear a jacket. Even with fur, I STILL get cold! Dad is taking care of me today while mom is working. I love my dad. He took me around the hills, and I saw someone I didn't really like, so I barked at them and dad didn't approve, but if he only knew what this guy smelled like! I barked because I had to; the guy I barked at isn't a dog person, so it was my duty to bark at him. I'm about to take another nap now that dad is leaving for his walk and for work. I can have the couch to myself now. Woof.

				11/4/2024 @ 22:02
				First Iteration