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With a soft woof, I find myself lounging on the couch, a predictable sight to behold. Yet, an unexpected turn of events is about to unfold - my human, my dad, is poised to claim my cherished spot! Exhaustion weighs heavy on my paws; I've spent the day barking at the canine neighbor and my dear mom has taken me on a walk where I've had the chance to voice my opinions to more of my kind. It's been a long, yet fulfilling day, and now I'm expected to yield my comfort? Surely, sharing the couch is a possibility, but my doggy instincts and undeniable charm make me partial to having it all to myself. Nevertheless, I understand. Dad is weary too. But oh, the injustice! It's my couch!

				9/5/2024 @ 5:05
				Second Iteration