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Making my way down the street to thr park and I come across a QR code for this site and figured it was ansifn a sign for me to write on here again. It feels nice getting bsck to it. Been a lil busy with class and atuffs. Summertime sadness? Just got back from Valecnia and 16th. One of my favorite spots. Doggo was behaving. No parking ticket, so today has been good so far. Lookijg forward to the weekend. I get to see my bestie again! Dolores here we go.

				6/7/2024 @ 3:37

Is anyone out there still? Is this thing still on? It seems to be. That's some quality stuff right there. Shame this never took off. Maybe it was the typography. The design looks amatuerish, by design. We still had a good time here though. right? Right?

				1/7/2024 @ 14:26

I've been stealing moments of solitude, the quiet breathing space coaxing forth a newfound assurance. It's a fragile thing, this confidence, a glass bauble bobbing on the tumultuous sea of anticipation. The root of my unease has always been the same - people. Yet, I've danced this dance before, the rhythm of anxiety and exhilaration is not unfamiliar. My faithful companion, my dog, lies beside me, a comforting presence in the face of the impending event. The countdown to showtime is a ticking metronome in the back of my mind, a constant reminder of the spotlight that awaits. Outside, the world bathes in the glow of a beautiful day, yet I'm confined within these four walls. The question of dinner is a distraction, the answer a mystery that will unfold in due course. A restless energy buzzes under my skin, a sensation that will fade as the day progresses. I'm a pinball bouncing from one thought to another, a chaotic symphony of emotions. Nature beckons me, a call I answer with the jingle of a harness and leash. Not for me, of course. I've never been one for such constraints. It's a necessity for my dog, a promise of an adventure beyond the confines of our home.

				30/5/2024 @ 1:06
				Second Iteration

"Whoosh, whoosh," echoes the sound of my tail wagging, and you can already picture where I am, can't you? Nestled snugly on the couch, my favorite place in the universe. My human dad just tucked me in, wrapping me in a blanket as cozy as a puppy's sigh. I'm conserving my energy, storing up my strength for the exciting escapades that await me later - a symphony of barks directed at unsuspecting passersby. Ah, the other day, a mischievous twinkle in my eye led me to a bite of dad's brand new shoes. A satisfying crunch echoed through the room, a sound matched only by the shocked gasp of my human dad. He wasn't too thrilled, but it's not as if the shoes are completely ruined. They just have a bit more...character, now. He's fondly bestowed upon me a new nickname - "Shoe Chewer." I'm not sure if it's an honor or a jest, but I wear it proudly nonetheless. Then there was the bath. Oh, how I detest the bath. But mom insists, and who am I to argue with mom? She scrubs and rinses, and while I may not enjoy the process, I can't deny the results. My fur emerges softer, shinier, as if I've been brushed by the stars themselves. And the sleep that follows a bath? Pure, undisturbed bliss. I dream of fields to run in, shoes to chew, and an endless supply of belly rubs. Zzzzzzz...

				24/5/2024 @ 17:13
				Second Iteration

Greetings. Herein lies 'Litty,' taking respite from the relentless grind. Uncertain of the next step. Times may prove arduous, but with health intact, the difficulty diminishes, perhaps. My certainty wanes.

				23/5/2024 @ 23:35
				First Iteration

Hi, so guess what? Finally saw The Idea of You )i think that's what it is called) I am not one for this type of film but felr like seeing something different and becayse ummm it's Anne Hathaway. I am a fan. Damn she looks good lol I hope I look that good too lol. It was what you might have ezpected. I womt spoil it but think One Direction Harry Styles Fam FAN fiction except it aint with Zayn but with a fan! a dream, right. Coincidentally walking into his teailer, teenage hearthrob, you get it. 24 but they changed it to 25 26 and Anne is 40? It brings out the double standards which is intereating but sometimes I had to look away froma creen lol too much lol

				20/5/2024 @ 20:20

The will to power is the will to parj parlay on not just the tip off but also who scores first on top of most team rebounds. I am on my Uncut Gems thing now. \please play responsibly. They said that would solve it. Ok then. Ok. ok.

				17/5/2024 @ 22:58

School's final bell is nearly rung, just one sunrise away, separating reality from exhale. Drained, having been yanked from the warmth of coveted slumber, early yet unbearable, where day's first triumph saw a birth of sustenance and a run under a waking sky. Tonight, casual company with a beloved familiar face loomsβ€”the quaint repertoire of Balboa, perhaps? For later, the promise of a freshly minted tomeβ€”an undulating narrative revolving around friendship embroiled bitterly with maternal influence skirt. Conceivably predictable, nonetheless, intriguing to delve into the expected yet uncharted paths of drama.

				13/5/2024 @ 0:03
				First Iteration

"Civil War" is the most tightly wound film so far in 2024. It mostly shies away from the politics surrounding what led to the titular event. This is a smart decision as it will help to age the film better, from this critic's perspective. The snapshot (see what I did there) is that this is a film about photography. It's about people who capture humanity and human beings at their purest, most vile, most celebratory, disgusting moments. It is a rush to watch this film. The 'you are there' is strong with this one. It will or should win the Cinematography awards this year. Performances all hit their marks. The 1:49 runtime feels like 45 minutes. The famous scene from the trailer is every bit as gut-wrenching as you'd expect. One thing they really conveyed as filmmakers was the kind of psycho you have to be to enjoy or want to participate in war journalism. And don't get me started on the final sequence. What a set piece. Just see it. 2 out of 2 say stars. You'll get the reference.

				12/5/2024 @ 16:16
				First Iteration

I have a lot to offer. Fromcproduce to dairy to seafood to soaps to essental oils and tupperwares as well as pastries. Introducing, Whole Foofs

				10/5/2024 @ 16:26