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Greetings, my comrades. A companion of mine currently finds himself in the heart of El Salvador, a journey I was unable to accompany due to my ceaseless endeavors. They've taken up residence in quaint Airbnbs, immersing themselves in the lush landscapes and the remnants of ancient civilizations. Moreover, the allure of the local women is undeniable; a unique charm that I must experience firsthand in the future. The women of our homeland seem to lack this particular enchantment. Their rhythm, their dance of life, is simply not the same, do you comprehend? But worry not, my friends, we remain unbroken. Our bond, it's as resilient as ever, do you understand? Life, as they say, continues in its own peculiar way. Until we meet again.

				12/4/2024 @ 21:17
				Second Iteration

Was OJ the all time GOAT when it comes to Domestic Violence League murderers? I mean that Hernandez guy on the Pats likely has a higher body count but he died young. OJ slashed and opened holes like nobody else. A true players murdered. He killed it out there!

				11/4/2024 @ 23:34

I whoosh, then I waw. What's new on your continent? I'm incontinent.

				11/4/2024 @ 23:25
				First Iteration

Woof woof, Tona reporting from the couch, my headquarters. It's so nice out today. Mom took me out in the morning. She sometimes doesn't want to get up, but I make sure she does because I've got to go!!! I know she's tired from work and all that, so I get it. I don't have to wear a jacket. Even with fur, I STILL get cold! Dad is taking care of me today while mom is working. I love my dad. He took me around the hills, and I saw someone I didn't really like, so I barked at them and dad didn't approve, but if he only knew what this guy smelled like! I barked because I had to; the guy I barked at isn't a dog person, so it was my duty to bark at him. I'm about to take another nap now that dad is leaving for his walk and for work. I can have the couch to myself now. Woof.

				11/4/2024 @ 22:02
				First Iteration

Do yall remember the tats and piercin era back in the early 2000s. I remember . I was there. I sw the rise and lowkey fall of it. At least here in the city. There ws a hilarious episode on Portlandia about this. Guess where they all went after things starting going sour in sf? That's right, Portland.

				10/4/2024 @ 15:20

There is an eclipse happening right now at this very moment. Now where to find the glasses? I cant look directly at it or eslse ill go blind. Luckily the public library was hanfing them out cor free ands. Well they ran out so only those who were there early were aboe to get them. We got lucky. I went again and they had sold out. A fee individuals walked out silken but thats ok, hopefully another library. ty s

				8/4/2024 @ 17:57

Im a rat. I see trash and dead bodies and shoes. My hole is super cozy. No cats allowed. Dogs bother me but don't seem to bother me as much as cats. I hate cops too. Bt I'll tell them things. Cause I am a rat.

				7/4/2024 @ 18:31

I'm spying on my ex through the dog cam. I felt ashamed to be doing it at first but hey, you can get used to anything. I hope it doesn't get disconectd from the router even though that'd proabbly be for the better. Opens app on iphone. Spis Spies... I'm at rock botom.

				7/4/2024 @ 0:37

Church was alright, I just went to see my bff sing. They had donuts after but we were going to make our way to brunch so we had to hold off on 'em. We ask a fellow for food recommendations in the area and they mentioned a place in berkeley. We leave and go. It's a 20 minute drive, with traffic after most likely so this palce better be worth it! Well guess what, t wasn't!!! Lipstick stains on our water and the food was atrocious. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enermy. Really should've stuked to the place we wer originally going to go last weeks

				1/4/2024 @ 21:39

Im writinng a novel , cause its never before. I think thats actually father john misty shoutout to our indie sleaze yourh b those guys got an away with murder spring has sprung! create on lit people :)

				1/4/2024 @ 18:55